Ecig Benefits

I have been smoking for years, and I have found that the tobacco habit is extremely hard to quit. However, since the majority of the public are now aware of the dangers and health risks involved with smoking, there has been a huge increase in companies who are manufacturing and innovating products to help with quitting the habit. From nicotine gum or patches to the new modern alternatives, smokers are using them to kick their habit.

One of the newest products on the market is the e cigarette or better known as the electric cigarettes or electronic cigarettes. These new products are designed to feel and look like the real deal, they even go so far as to emit artificial smoke, however it does not contain tobacco. Smokers inhale, nicotine rich vapors which look similar to smoke, but without any harmful carcinogens which is normally found in tobacco.

This type of e cigarette contains a cartridge which consists of liquid nicotine. When the user inhales, a small type of atomizer which is battery operated turns a tiny quantity of the nicotine solution into a cloud of vapor. Inhaling this solution supplies the ‘smoker’ with a nicotine hit far more rapidly and effectively than with the use of gum or patches. A novelty that is incorporated is that when a individual inhales, the LED light in the tip of an e cigarette glows to simulate an actual cigarette.

The cartridges used come in a variety of strengths. All of the major brands, of e cigarettes come in minimal, half strength and full strength. It is designed that way so people who are trying to quit smoking can. By changing from real cigarettes to the e cigarette you can gradually cut back on nicotine intake.

The main advantage e cigarettes have above nicotine gum or patches are firstly, smokers have a nicotine hit far faster and secondly, because smokers who use gum and patches fail to quit because they actually miss the whole ritual or act of smoking and inhaling from a tubular object. The e cigarette imitates that all the way down to actual smoke.

The e cigarette has an added benefit a financial one. A pack of five cartridges costs about $13 and is equal to having 500 cigarettes. While the initial outlay for an e cigarette kit is around $80 this might seem pricey at first, but smokers save money over time.

Like most popular products, there unfortunately have been a large number of rip-off Chinese imitations saturating the market. These are usually cheaper at 50% the price of branded e cigarettes and they look original as well. It is ill-advised to use one of these because usually it has not been subjected to the same testing as the official e cigarettes have, thus can be potentially highly dangerous to the health of the user.

As e cigarettes have become more popular, they are progressively used more to smoke in clubs and pubs with a ban. E cigarettes are the next craze and will soon replace cigarettes all together.